Friends ?


Hai . Assalamualiakum . Helllooooooooo . Dah lama tak jenguk blog ni . berhabuk sudoh . -.- yang dah berhabuk tu . Ambil lah Duster ke whatever ke kan ? okay so . running ? okay . Running from our topic ni !! *poyo je* okay . So . Kawan , benda yang kita semua ada . Walaupun kita budak pendiam lah kan ? semestinya saya tidak :p okay . korang mesti ada kwan . at least 2 lah dalam kelas tu yang suka menyakat you all . perli korang . saja perli perli manja . :p Tapi bagi budak bising seperti saya ni . Memang la ramai kawan . sebab mulut memang tak pernah berhenti nak tidur . unless the teacher is looking right through me ? yeah :3 semua orang akan kan ? well . I cried many times for this one 'friend' A LOT . She asked for my forgiveness . I gave it to her . She made me cried AGAIN . did the same thing . and I did the same thing because I thought she was my TRUE 'friend' . BUT today . well , I guess no :/ hurm . so we had this like a competition coming up . NEXT YEAR . she had to make a decision to start discussing about that issue this week . Okay . so . she was going to prepare for a PITCH - PERFECT performance for . nedd I remind you again . for .. NEXT YEAR . okay . so I was like ' is she really going to accomplish her goal there ?' I was afraid that one day when she fails . and i'm a part of that performance . She'd get really like ballistic with me . because ... she said it . she sent me a message saying things that made me cry . a lot of tears streamed down my face that like . hurm . that . HOUR . A LOT . okay . she said things that . made my eyes sweaty . :') that's a gift you got there dear :) but that gift . Making people's eye sweat . I say ... lets just keep to yourself :) okay so . I didn't want to take part in that competition . I don't want to take the risk . I was afraid . I was terrified . I was . . I was . There's more from me . but I don't really memorised all the words ment for afraid . But , I said no . Because I'm tired of her drama . All her wining . Its not like I don't love her . I do . but . sometimes . people act the way . that we weren't expecting . :) but I guess . I should stop expecting this from her . Because .....


She keeps on pushing pushing pushing and pushing me ! I said yes . then she started saying things to me . I'm like . ' what ?? I told you I'm in . so why do you keep on 'improving' your bad word dictionary to me ? ' so I trash talked her . saying . 1 MEAN THING . and she went crazy and like getting better at her bad attitude . I was so depressed . so I said that . I'm not going to join that competition . She got angry and continued saying really bad things that scarred my heart . I can smile for the camera , yes . but if a photo shoot was held in my heart . they would be flooded . 

I was so reluctant . I was so angry . I was so heartbroken . Scarred . sweaty eyes . tired of all this drama . I cried . I cried . You bet I was strong . But I'm not . I can be strong as titanium . but . I can also be as gentle as a feather . :/ this time she said sorry again . I gave it to her . But next time . You make me cry again . You'll be counting how many buckets of blood i've made you threw up . How many scars I left in your heart . How many times you cried for me . and how many times you could take back all the things you said . did .  and made me cry . I am going to make you feel sorry and begging . kneeling on your knees for my mercy .


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